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Spain is a hospitable country.
The owners of small-scale accommodation will do their best to make your holiday special.
Spaniards are proud of their culture and are happy to show visitors what makes their country so special.

But fellow countrymen also often emigrated to this wonderful country on the Mediterranean.
They often know your needs and what you are looking for.

But whether the owner of your Bed and Breakfast in Spain is a fellow countryman or a local.
Thanks to the personal contact you will get the most out of your holiday.

Bed and Breakfasts in Spain

Casa Magel B&B

Casa Magel B&B (Andalucia)

Beautiful family run B&B in the peace & quiet of the Andalucian mountains Malaga with swimming pool, great views and ...
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Bed and breakfast in Bernabales

Bed and Breakfast in Bernabales (Cantabria)

Your accommodation in Bernabales, halfway between Liérganes and Park Nature Cabarceno.

Room : 60 - 100 Euro ...
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promote your bed and breakfast in spain

Promote your bed and breakfast in Spain

versión en español Get more visitors and bookings A listing on the internet with a link to your website is ...
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You deserve personal attention

When looking for your next holiday address, it is often difficult to find the small-scale element.
Especially abroad it is nice if the locals help you to get the best out of your stay.
We collected bed and breakfasts in Spain that caught our eye and whose owners will treat you like a friend of the family.
Bed and breakfast in Spain is the start of your next unique holiday in Spain.

Autonomous regions of Spain

Why bed and breakfasts are popular in Spain

In a society characterized by stress, individualism and superficial contact personal attention and hospitality are often lacking.
It is therefore a gift to escape from hectic life.

Spaniards are open and curious.
Tourism has been one of the country’s major sources of income since 1960.
The warm weather and the hospitality are the main reasons for its success.
Despite mass tourism, the country has never had to give up its culture.
There are still countless unique original locations to be found when you leave the busy seaside cities behind.
Inhabitants love to share their traditions with others.
They do this in such a way that you never feel obliged to follow their good advice.

Where to stay?

Nowadays more and more people book a stay at small scale accommodations where the hosts let you take part of their daily life and environment.
Being cared for from the heart explains the success of the formula.
Small-scale tourism has a lot of advantages but one of the biggest plus is the help of the locals.

Map of Spain

Spain, a popular tourist destination

Whether you go for culture, the language, the food or climate, your stay is always a success.
The country has a lot to offer.

  • Rainy fishing villages in Galicia
  • Green mountain scenery in Asturias
  • The nightlife of Madrid
  • Sandy beaches at the Mediterranean
  • The flamenco music and dancing of Andalusia
  • Gaudi, Miro and the cities of Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga.
  • And much more

What’s a Bed and Breakfast?

A b&b, is a lodging typically operated out of a large single family residence where guests can be accommodated at night in private bedrooms (which may or may not be equipped with private baths) and where breakfast is served in the morning.

In Spain, B&B´s are known as Casa Rurales.
Not all houses are situated in the countryside, some are situated in the smaller towns.
Casa Rurals, throughout Spain, vary in quality and price.
In some regions, like [Galicia], they are strictly controlled and inspected.
Other regions are not so though in their regulations.

Bed and Breakfast in other languages:

Bed and breakfast mostly used by everyone to describe this kind of accommodation.
In other countries a b & b hotel or guesthouse is also known as:
gîtes du passant – gîtes d’hote – Chambres d’hôtes – hébergement chez l’habitant – Gastzimmer – Gästezimmer – gastenkamer – kamers met ontbijt – logies met ontbijt – camera presso l’abitante – camere in case private – bed en ontbyt – Casa de Familia – pousada – pensão – casa rural – nakvyne su pusrychiais – najane sjopni – habitaciòn y desayuno – heimagisting – baendagisting

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